Alone, cold and beaten you found yourself here in this cave. 10 years since that day, you are still alone, cold and beaten. Your torturers tell you no news of the outside world, except that of the harsh end of a whip. Day in, day out you long for your lost family, instead you get bruised and beaten mining tunnels for your captors. But today you feel different, today, you have had enough! Today you will find your freedom!

Free yourselves and your fellow party from the Orc dungeon you have called home for 10 years. Use subtle tactics, intelligent plans, and brawn stength to gain your freedom. By starting from no classes its up to you the player to play as a team and use your own skills to get passed the guards. Thinking of resting? Good luck, the game will take in real time situations that will affect gameplay.

Kaius's Hammer

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